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Friday, January 28th 2005

7:29 AM

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Photo Friday:


Friday Five:

 Choose one and explain

1. Which is worse, the Burning Question ~OR~ the Painful Truth?
Burning Question - tends to lead to gossip and untruth

2. "Live hard, die young and leave a beautiful corpse" ~OR~ "Live long and prosper"?
Live long and prosper - this is th eonly way to go!

3. Let bygones be bygones ~OR~ Bitch, I'll cut you!?
oooo did you go there...hard one in some cases!!

4. Private hell ~OR~ Sharing is caring?
Sharing is caring - I am a caring and sharing person! The more "private" you are or have "secrets" the more you have to hide!

5. Open hearted ~OR~ Walls around your heart?

Open like a book!

Have a giggly weekend!

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